racon easy folded towels N40

Item number: 060 302

1-ply folded paper towels are made of recycling-crepe. They are suitable for washrooms in high traffic areas. Racon easy folded towels are environmentally friendly. The towels are extremely absorbent. Racon easy folded towels are available in different types of folds and largely fit into all standard dispenser systems.

Product details

EAN-Code 4029068060302
Material Crepe
Color natural white
Folds ZZ-Folding
Plies 1-ply
Branch Cross industry

Shipping information

Dimensions 23 × 25 cm (B × H)
Sell Unit 20 packs at 250 sheets
Packing 5000Piece(s)/box
VE/PAL 32Box(es)/pallet

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